Certificate CE

Certificate CE

The certified products of VIEKKO SA bear the CE marking satisfying the requirements of the directive 89/ 106/ EEC on “Construction Products” that has been integrated with the P.D. 334/94.

More specifically, VIEKKO’s products fulfil the terms of the standard ELOT EN 14351-1: 2006, achieving top performance during the laboratory testing that carried out in the laboratory of PFB-ROSENHEIM in Germany.

The Management of the enterprise via its Board of Directors is committed to the implementation of the Quality Assurance System providing all the necessary means for its successful operation.
This is firstly achieved with the organisation of seminars regarding the training of all the company’s employees˙ secondly with the obtaining of means such as experienced human resources and new mechanical equipment ˙ thirdly by continuously taking all the necessary measures for the implementation of the Policy and the achievement of its aims, adhering faithfully to the Quality System.

VIEKKO considers the satisfaction of its customers as well as the continuous increased demands of the market, as two of the main vital drives for the improvement of its products. For these reasons, it designs and produces new products.

Laboratory Tests

The planning of the quality of the production process imposes the Total Final Quality Testing of the frames on the whole of their technical characteristics. The quality characteristics of the frames (thermal insulation, sound insulation, air permeability, watertightness) are subjected to test compliant with the standard ELOT EN 14351-1 in a specialized Institute of Research & Technology that our company cooperates with.
The positive results of the laboratory tests in combination with the faithful adherence to the quality during the production and the delivery of the products, is our guarantee of quality for the satisfaction even the most demanding needs of yours.
Indicative Results of the Laboratory Tests:

  • Air permeability compliant with the standard ELOT EN 14351-1: CATEGORY 4
  • Watertightness compliant with the standard ELOT EN 14351-1: CATEGORY 9A

It is the unique firm of frames that uses magnetic rubbers in its frames for years.