Certificate ISO

Certificate ISO

Through the Quality Management System, which is implemented and based on the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and had been certified by accredited body, the SWISS Approval, the company certifies the high quality of frames.

VIEKKO SA, adhering to its Quality Policy and its commitment for continual improvement of all of the production lines and the delivery of its products sets Quality Objectives. The company’s Policy is the continuous satisfaction of its clients as well as the continuous search and satisfaction of their future needs and expectations. Its main aim is the improvement of the provided products.

The Management of the enterprise via its Board of Directors is committed to the implementation of the Quality Assurance System providing all the necessary means for its successful operation.

This is firstly achieved with the organisation of seminars regarding the training of all the company’s employees, secondly with the obtaining of means such as experienced human resources and new mechanical equipment, thirdly by continuously taking all the necessary measures for the implementation of the Policy and the achievement of its aims, adhering faithfully to the Quality System.

VIEKKO SA considers the satisfaction of its customers as well as the continuous increased demands of the market, as two of the main vital drives for the improvement of its products. For these reasons, it designs and produces new products.

It is the unique firm of frames that uses magnetic rubbers in its frames for years.