Wooden Frames

A wide variety of high quality European standards wooden frames that cover every functional, architectural and financial requirement of our buyers.

Kitchen Furniture

A big variety of products offered by an Italian company in classic and contemporary modern designs as well as capability of any possible solution adjusted to every unique place.


Ability of multitudinous constructions and functional/ergonomic solutions with clever and handheld arrangements in internal spaces both private and professional.

Hotel Equipment

According to our customers’ needs at the hotel industry, the company has enhanced its products’ range. Special kinds of constructions in professional furniture, comfortable and adopted to every individual design of each hotel are offered.


Wooden frames of high standards and aesthetic adequacy

Our company has run a successful course at the constructional industry all these years and it has given prominence to the top manufacturing of wooden frames all over Greece.

Multiform constructions of wooden frames have transfused a vast experience to our company through time. The best solution is suggested to any construction needed for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

Watching thoroughly the latest trends of contemporary design, it is our aim to offer  constructions of high quality and aesthetics that fulfill our customers’ needs.