VIEKKO SA places sustainability in the areas of environment, society and corporate governance at the heart of its business activities.


Our company is largely a green business because the whole range of its activities from the raw material we use to the processing of it is 100% environmentally friendly.

As a business we have adopted a green way of doing business regarding the environment by investing in machinery equipment in order to fully utilize the waste of our operations . As waste we consider the sawdust collected in silos from the building's suction system and also the collection of wood from all stages of production.

All of this is placed in a crusher without the addition of chemicals and through pipelines it reaches the premix machine where all materials are compressed to produce the final product (photo). This is how the briquette is created, a 100% ecological product that the company keeps for private use (heating).

The desired outcome for us is a society where the resources used to meet the needs of our people do not undermine the integrity and stability of the natural system.



Our company uses energy to achieve its objectives and business activities both in its offices and in its industrial unit. For this reason, it has been our top priority to make an active contribution to reducing our energy footprint in the face of the energy crisis.

Thus, in order to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, VIEKKO S.A. followed a series of actions such as replacing its lamps with more energy efficient ones (led) and investing in renewable energy sources by installing solar roof panels with a total power of 100kw.

It is clear to us that economic growth can and must go hand in hand with a healthy and safe environment.