The maintenance process should be carried out in mild weather conditions, i.e. spring or autumn (not when it's hot or freezing) and the frequency should be at least once or twice a year, depending on the weather conditions of each area (sun, rain, snow, etc. ) In the package of the maintenance kit, you will find a small bottle of oil (for the mechanical parts of the frame), a 500ml bottle of cleaner - 1st coat (for the wooden surface) and a 500ml bottle of emulsion - 2nd coat (for the wooden surface).

For the wooden surface:

  • Use the 500ml cleaner - 1st coat. With a cloth we clean the wooden surface from dust and dirt. Do not use a brush, sponge or any other tool with a hard or rough surface.

  • After cleaning the framing, continue with the 500ml emulsion - 2nd hand, in the same way (cloth).

  • Note: The application is always done on the outside of the frame or on the surface exposed to outdoor conditions. Also no matter which procedure we carry out, we wait for the surface to dry and then continue with the next step.

For the mechanical part of the frame:

  • With the small bottle (oil) we oil all the movable parts of the mechanism ( there is a picture of those parts below)

  • Check all the screws and screw where there are any loose ones.

  • To clean these parts we use neutral cleaning materials.

  • It is forbidden to use rough materials on the surface of these parts because it can cause oxidation and corrosion of the metal surface of the mechanism over time.

All the above can be carried out both by the owner or with the assistance of one of our company's experts.